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Wall Map Accessories are fun and effective add-ons to assist in business and education strategies. With Wall Map Accessories, businesses can organize and locate geographic areas, while students can engage in memory retention and history. Wall Map Accessories include magnetic push-pins, mark-it dots and supply packs. Gift Shop
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Wall Map Accessories

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   Model D84PC-AST

Pinpoint specific locations -
   without damaging your magnetic map!

-- 10 pack Assortment
-- Colors: blue, red, green, yellow, orange, white, purple, black

Supply Pack

Each Supply Pack includes:
- 4 black dry erase markers
- 1 dry eraser
- 1 pack of 2400 multicolored 1/8" Mark-It dots

Get a jump start on using your maps! Supply Packs have what you need to put your map to work immediately.

Each Supply Pack come ready to use with a set of dry erase markers, an eraser and a pack of Mark-It Dots. Draw territories, locate customers, plan deliveries, and more. It’s easy with a Supply Pack!

Mark-It Dots

1/8 inch 2400 Transparent Dots $5.95
1/4 inch 960 Multicolored Dots $5.95
1/4 inch Numbered Dots (#1-120) $5.95
1/4 inch Numbered Dots (#121-240) $5.95
3/4 inch 512 Multicolored Dots $5.95

Mark-It Dots are easy to use, colored dots. Locate ANYTHING on your map!

Mark-It Dots are easy to apply…and easy to remove! Move these self-adhesive locator dots around on your map. And, they don’t leave pin holes on your maps.
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