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North America Physical Wall Map

by Outlook Maps

This physical map of North America dramatically displays the contours of the land and sea floor like you've never seen before! The map was developed by using state-of-the-art techniques to combine topographic colored elevation with 3-D shading. The image was produced entirely through digital manipulation of actual topographical data - not an artist's interpretation. This technique allows for the striking representation of mountains, plains, plateaus, hills, and valleys as they actually exist! North America looks especially vivid when shown in this cartographic style, because of its many mountain ranges and interesting land formations. In addition to the stunning visual effect, this North America physical map also serves as a fully featured reference map by providing useful geographic layers and loads of detail. Both physical and political reference information is included. Look no further for a beautiful physical map of North America that combines visualization of the landscape with useful reference information and detail.

This map includes the following features:

  • Elevation Coloring and 3-D Terrain
  • Country Borders and Names
  • National Capitals
  • States and Provinces for USA and Canada
  • State/Provincial Capitals
  • Cities, labeled to show relative size and importance
  • Water Features: Rivers, Lakes, Bays, Seas etc.
  • Land Natural Features: Mountain Ranges, Deserts, Islands, etc.
  • Peaks and Summits, labeled with elevation
  • Major and Minor Highways, unlabeled
  • Urban Areas
  • Longitude/Latitude Gridlines
  • Bathymetry (Ocean Floor) Shading
  • Legend

This wall map is printed on 24lb. premium coated bond paper. It is also laminated on both sides using 3mm hot lamination, which protects your wall map and allows you to write on it with dry-erase markers.

Item Code: North America Physical
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